Communication and Media

Advanced Proactive & Predictive Analysis for Telecommunications

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are increasingly expanding their global footprint and with exponential growth in data due to digitalization, managing data is becoming a serious challenge. To make informed business decisions and achieve market leadership, CSPs need better insight about their customers, networks, their internal operations and the business at large.


 Move away from Static Customer Segmentation

Dataken real time customer segmentation delivers 360 view of the customer. The solution will help CSP’s to gain customer insights and their satisfaction index to deliver location based services and personalized offers nearly real time. The Platform carry out comprehensive assessment by analyzing 50+ parameters i.e. customer demographics, current location, usage, buying patterns, browsing & viewing patterns, interaction with operations teams and social network etc..


Transform your OSS to deliver proactive and Predictive Network Monitoring

 Dataken Network 360 degree delivers standard set of out of box network analytics on various networks types i.e. Cable, Broadband, Carriers, Data Center etc. The platform’s machine learning and Decision Tree capabilities provides proactive and predictive analytics to eliminate network outages, SLA Violations and improve customer experience.


Seamlessly connect your operations to customers and business

The platform delivers proactive dashboard on Call Center Operation, Service Operation and Field Force Operation to assess the impact of reactive or proactive incident. The Co-relation and Root Cause Analysis capabilities helps CSP get a complete view on impacted customer and their product & services.


Monetize your underutilized data

The platform provides real time view of the Customer, Geo Location and Network Analysis to optimise the network and provide contextual offer; hence reduce the cost and improve the topline revenue. Other brands can push their product and service to CSP customers, without violating data privacy.