About Us

Dataken Provides Unified Platform
to Accelerate Data Analytics, Real Time Decisioning & Monetization
About Us

Unified Data science platform providing out of the box industry solutions

Towards the end of 2014, five ambitious technology enthusiasts from the Telecom industry recognized that data is going to present opportunities for the next phase of ‘Automation’ in the industrial sector. They got together under the aegis of Dataken with the single-minded vision of building the Next Generation Data Analytics Platform to enable communication service providers of all shapes & sizes to explore the opportunities generated thereby and extract the value from the realm of data that is being accumulated due to their investments in Information Technology.

What We Do

Monitor, Analyse & Automate

Dataken’s – Data Science Platform with cognitive capabilities provides Ingest, Transform, Visualize and Analyze capabilities to deliver actionable proactive and predictive business insights across segments. With highly scalable computational, storage and machine learning capabilities along with 250+ industry adaptors are designed to deliver results in complex eco system. The platform capability has empowered business and operations team to extract, configure and analyze data to meet business demand on a real time. Organizations embarking on IoT, SDN, NFV, LTE, Social commerce and data monetization, Dataken’s platform provides one stop solution to meet the future demand. The business layer provide 100+ out of box solutions for Communication, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Health Care and Manufacturing sectors to accelerate the outcome. Dataken operates out of Bengaluru, India currently.

Our Vision

To be a World’s Leading Data Sciences enabler organisation Delivering Accelerated Business Solutions for Enterprises.

Our Mission

To provide a platform that eliminates data complexity and inspires our customers and their employees to make informed decisions. To provide an environment for our employees and customers to innovate and differentiate to realise the value to its full potential.