Telco Solution

Detect, Debug, Document through closed loop AI Automation


Reduce Opex

Reduce Truck Rolls

Improved MTTR

Fix before Fail

Our Difference

Telecom organizations want to make their network/support operations proactive by detecting and predicting network issues before they result in Customer Dissatisfaction or escalate into emergencies. Essentially, they would like to get to the true root cause of these issues, automate the ways to resolve issues where possible in order to reduce operational expenses and customer churn.

Network Knowledge Hub:

Dataken’s Knowledge Hub is not just another Data Lake, it has built-in modules / functions to identify root cause analysis, health checks, correlation and diagnostic trends. It comes with 4 API’s of Search, Correlation, Next Best Action and Prediction which will give you an output of each and every problem you are facing on the ground

  • Search API will provide a google search interface for the entire network
  • Correlation API will enrich data from multiple sources 
  • Next Best Action API will suggest the action to perform based on Historical Analysis
  • Prediction API will provide the list of incidents predicted for the next 10days in the network


Our Smart Monitoring agents will provide real time network monitoring  by parsing and analyzing all of your network devices, various IT applications, infrastructure assets and provide visualization through our unified portal. It is purpose built to detect telecommunication network performance degradation and ensure service assurance

  • Dataken’s proprietary probes, significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Manage large scale events and metrics
  • No more data loss due to burst rates

Advanced Analytics: 

Take guessing out of what advance analytics can deliver for you. Our Out of the Box Data models come loaded with pre-defined network data points to let you realize the ROI within 6 weeks. Dataken’s Analytics engine correlates network usage, subscriber density, along with traffic and location data and achieve ROI in the following areas

  • Prediction based anomaly detection
  • Avoid nuisance alerts and false positives/negatives triggered by static thresholds
  • Prediction of Network faults such as sessions failures, fiber line problems

Automation & AI Bots: 

Typical automation tasks that are configured over the last few years are rule based and to unleash the next set of possible automation tasks the trigger needs to be based on Machine learning. Our ML embedded Bots have the following functions and capabilities enabling any Telecom IT operations to be performed at scale

  • Configure Bots based on serverless technology 
  • Complete audit trail support to address compliance requirements
  • Self Learning BoTs through historical analysis