Bring everything, Blend what you need, Discover what you must!

Time taken to travel from Data to insight is exponentially proportional to the number of systems and tools one has in between them.
The Dataken’s unified platform is a single tool which guides you not only from Data to Insights but also from insights to Actions.
Built from scratch on advanced Big Data technologies, with its drag and drop interface powers users with capabilities of ingestion, data blending, validation, visualization and predictive analysis and automation on one platform.


Dataken quickly blends in to host environment with its support of single sign on and various authentication protocols like Active Directory, JDBC, LDAP etc.
Each and Every action is audit logged for security analysis.
Encryption is supported at the storage layer.


Advanced Visualization layer built on SVG graphics is highly flexible and extendable.
Built to support Big Data and requires no coding skills to work with data till you see insights. Let’s you stay focussed on insights while it takes care of everything in between.


Allows all your applications in your eco system to get enabled with analytical ability. Comes with Supporting API to integrate and make every application be analytically ready in no time.
Let the applications worry about business while Dataken takes the analytical load.


Let’s you reap predictive models  from your data.It brings out of the box algorithms and lets you bring as well.
Prediction is no more a experts play.


Analysis is usually coupled with data model. Thats why this platform auto creates data model, lets you redefine it if required.
Powering real time analysis without any further delay.


50 + data source adapters and 20+ data formats are supported out of the box driving quick implementation cycles.


Drag and Drop ETL interface lets you source and transform data within no time. With its pipelines and workspaces components, lets you look out for data integrity issues, correctness and if required to clean it up.