About Us

Discover, Monitor, Predict, and Automate

Our Mission

At Dataken we see a world where Zero-touch IT operations is a norm rather than an exception.

In this era of digital experience, benchmarks are being constantly pushed to the highest limits. On the other hand, the Service Architecture is evolving to cope with cloud adoption, serverless technology, and network virtualization. IT Operation teams are left with no option but to use AI-backed Automation. Our focus at Dataken is to enable IT teams, make smarter and faster decisions to keep their services uninterrupted.

One major need clearly emerging is to deep monitor every possible infra element with a lens of AI and the ability to act before the service disruption or within milliseconds of a situation and resolve. Dataken's AIOps platform has a Unique ability to observe, engage and act to resolve complex IT issues powered by AI.

Our team


Suresh Gokarakonda

Founder, CEO



Raju Mentana

Co-Founder and COO