Digital experience managed through AIOPS

A differentiated approach to ITOps

Dataken is a multi-tenant, multi-tier platform that helps enterprise IT operation teams, to predict and resolve high-impact issues. The modern, scalable and collaborative incident management solution cuts across complexities of Hybrid and Virtualization architecture.

Unparalleled Visibility and simplicity


Hybrid IT Monitoring solution provides real-time monitoring of various IT application and infrastructure assets from a single pane of glass with hundreds of built-in monitoring templates.

Built-in advanced analytics to extract all metrics such as availability, performance, problems, response time, and more at granular level, allowing you to manage your entire system in response to what you learn from collecting, measuring, and analyzing the metrics that are most influential to your business.

Auto discover and map the topology of an application, tagging it to a service whether it's on-premises or in the cloud.

Advanced monitoring capabilities covering physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures from one centralized console.

360 degree view of your entire ecosystem on a single pane of glass without having to toggle between different tools.

IT Incident Prediction and Detection


Dataken helps you better manage infrastructure complexity by predicting performance issues and enabling self-correcting actions for repetitive incidents.

Our solutions enables IT Ops teams to marry IT service context across dynamic and distributed IT infrastructure workloads, so that application owners and service delivery teams can minimize downtime and drive faster issue resolution with the right event insights.

Use topology maps to let you predict service outcomes by understanding key infrastructure dependencies for application performance.

Ingest granular data throughout the incident life cycle to better predict, identify bottlenecks and outages.

Drive better anomaly detection by predicting shifts in system behavior across dynamic production environments.

Probable Root Cause Analysis


Dataken reports on the full context of every alert, including what happened, where it happened, who was involved, and finally - why it happened.

We then correlate between millions of metrics to find the why behind the anomaly. When an anomaly is detected, the platform immediately indicates also where it happened, which other anomalies or events were involved, and what was the probable root cause.

Identify root cause for service disruptions, even in the case of one being spread across different components contributing to the issues.

Employ service modeling to gain critical context around how users and business services are affected by issues.

Understand the anomaly context to get around what happened before, during, and after the incident.

Automate IT Operations


Dataken has a built-in IT process automation framework that lets you store standard operating procedures, incident remediations and day-to-day automation policies in a single location.

Dataken’s AI BoTs can execute any tasks based on triggers initiated by ML algorithms right from resetting services all the way to rebooting systems, with a clear audit trail for compliance purposes. Here are three benefits of our automation policies.

Use scripting languages of your choice including PowerShell, Python, Perl, Windows Command Scripts, Visual Basic, and PHP.

Decrease defects from non-standard operations and improve service delivery through consistent execution.

Integrations with popular ITSM tools to perform automated incident management.