Life Sciences


Building a data strategy around the core corporate data assets. A data driven approach for a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Digital ecosystem poses unique challenges that impacts Life Sciences manufacturing companies mainly the CMOs / CROs in the core sensitive areas such as Precision, Compliance and Operational Excellence. These organisations experience on a day-to-day basis the intense pressure to optimize asset utilization, budgets, performance, compliance and service quality. In this highly regulated industry it is essential to gain competitive edge through better business performance.

A unified Operational Analytics Strategy with Data at the core is essential to overcome these challenges and drive innovation with sound predictive model and aid in intelligent process automation.

Dataken’s Life Sciences Operational Analytics Solution using big data technologies enables enterprises to generate new insights to take actions resulting in measurable outcomes.

Dataken’s Industry Specific Solution empowers organisation to connect multiple disciplines and evolve into a Data Driven enterprise to tackle the challenges posed by the Life Sciences eco-system. Enterprise wide implementation in the form of Executive dashboards with drill down capabilities, advanced analytics and more to improve decisions resulting in better operations performance in weeks not months.



Enhanced Visibility on Corporate Spends

Dataken’s repository of best business practice Metrics and KPIs includes dashboards covering Purchase-to-Pay cycle.

The platform delivers a holistic approach involving not only cost but collaboration, performance, speed and quality resulting in organisation wide optimization in a highly effective way. DataKen’s out of the box solution has industry specific attributes to enrich source data from enterprise systems such as supply chain management system. It also delivers business benefits through insights on key performance areas covering Management of contracts made with customers, vendors, etc (Contract Management – Compliance, Contract Analysis, Cycle time), improve productivity and customer satisfaction (Process efficiency) , analyzing expenditure data for effective monitoring and compliance (Spend Analysis).


Enabling Optimization to Improve End-to-End Visibility

Dataken’s repository of best business practice Metrics and KPIs including dashboards covering the entire gamut of Inventory Management.

Dataken’s out of the box inventory analytics solution enables organisations with a smart way to manage inventory with near real-time action oriented insight on the inventory pulse resulting in meaningful outcomes. Integrate with enterprise systems, enrich data and delivers business benefits through insights on key performance areas covering Effective management of demand and supply, (Inventory Analysis),ROI on each product  (Inventory Performance Analysis) and other Standard Reports.


Empowering organisations to meet their goals

Dataken’s Financial Analytics solution delivers competitive edge, agility by transforming enterprise strategic and operational decision making through use of smart, predictive analytics based on real-time data drawn from multiple sources.

Dataken’s Financial Analytics solution brings better visibility on factors that influence revenues, costs apart from insights into the general ledger. The data driven approach empowers business units with feed forward process using predictive analytics based on near-real-time data drawn from multiple sources to understand product or service or customer profitability, visibility into performance against budgets and correlate costs with revenue to measure performance and customer satisfaction. Dataken’s OOTB (out – of – the – box) solution ensures improved financial performance by optimizing cash flow through detailed analysis of Accounts Receivables (AR Analytics), Accounts Payables (AP Analytics) and General Ledger (GL Analytics).


Enhancer to your Sales and Marketing Process

The pressure to contain costs and improve outcomes is a constant challenge for Life Sciences companies and they look towards new technological drivers to better sales planning and other related areas. With Dataken’s big data based Sales and Marketing Analytics, companies can now engage and understand the customer perspectives in real-time basis for their sales planning.

Dataken’s Sales and Marketing Analytics unlocks and harnesses your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data for effective sales and marketing planning utilizing the 360 degree view of customers (Customer Relationship Analysis), Lead to Sales (Pipeline Performance Analysis), Campaigns (Pricing and Program Performance Analysis), Sales (Sales Force Performance Analysis) and Customer segmentation (Sales Segmentation Analysis)


Bringing Actionable Insight – role based

With Dataken’s Project Analytics, obtain timely and meaningful insights to the Project’s Financials life cycle, turn your Project Management into a strategic asset to make proactive and informed project decisions and determine opportunities to improve bottom line. Easy integration of data from multiple systems and enrich project data with operational metrics to Projects/ Financials gaining insights on project performance and profitability.

DataKen’s OOTB solution benefits Life Sciences companies with a single gateway to assess the value delivered to the business in near real-time across project portfolios. The Key performance Indicators include Time and Expense tracking, Demand Management (Project Requests) , Schedule, Cost, Budget, Resources, Risks &Issues and Quality Metrics. Delivers Role based actionable insights to key stakeholders such as Project Executives, Project and Program Managers and Project Accountants.