Big Data is going to be a way of life across domains and we see it becoming an integral part of every fabric from Research to operations of an organization

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If you are passionate about Data & trust your capability to make innovative contributions, you are at the right place!
How to be part of this exciting journey at Dataken?
As a first step, send us your resume and we will take care of the rest!!
Bengaluru, INDIA

Software Engineer

2-3 years of relevant experience
Essential Skills :

Hadoop, Hbase, Cassandra, MongoDB

Spark, Ignite, elastic search

Scala(is a ++)

Web frameworks at least one of them Springs, Struts, Web toolkit, Vaadin

Graphics: D3 and related stuff.

zookeeper, Kafka, rabbit MQ

Additional Skills :

Along with the above You MUST be familiar with J2EE framework and all related API's

Bengaluru, INDIA


If you are someone who has seen all that’s Big Data and wants to see what else is in store, this is obviously for you!

We Expect you to have:

Hands on experience with at least two of the NoSQL databases unless you have built your own.

Java, Google Web Toolkit Framework, ORM tools like Hibernate or everything else

Web frameworks at least one of them Springs, Struts, Web toolkit, Vaadin

Web services and all things you need to deal with them

Master at object oriented design

Additional Skills :

Familiarity with tools which help you develop, maintain software

Languages Java, scala, python, C. If you only know Java learn one more and come back

Experience with test automation (unit, functional, integration) If you have not done this in your lifetime we will see you on Mars

Bengaluru, INDIA


If you are someone passionate about Artificial Intelligence and looking for   opportunity to be part of next set of Awesome things Artificial Intelligence can do.

This is for you and if you also have the following skills we can talk over a coffee

We Expect you to have:

Ability to teach a machine or make it teach itself

In depth understanding of what Deep learning is all about

Working knowledge on the above areas

If you have participated in any of the Kaggle competitions and you want to talk about it

Additional Skills :

Attitude to take on the world of Artificial Intelligence


Yes; we do encourage internships. We take interns who have done something previously in the field of Data science or Marketing and nothing else. If you can prove, you are in !